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Care instructions


Care for what you love!
With these tips & tricks, you'll be able to enjoy your new favourite bag for longer:

We would like to point out that contact with disinfectants can cause chemical reactions
and due to the composition of the material, material detachment can occur.
Please try to avoid contact with disinfectants - for the love of your INYATI bag.

Cleaning agents:
Please do not clean your bag with cleaning agents or creams.
We recommend that you use a mild soap or mild washing-up liquid at the most for harder dirt.
You can easily remove streaks with a damp cloth.
You can easily remove light dirt with a trick: Take a colourless eraser and simply erase it.
It is important here that you use a colourless eraser.
Unfortunately, grease stains can no longer be removed from our bags, just like from other materials.

It is best to store your INYATI bag in the supplied dust bag (cotton bag) in your wardrobe so that it does not come into contact with other bags or items of clothing. This is because material discolouration and chemical reactions can occur here. (By the way, this also applies to genuine leather bags that you may keep in your cupboard.

Sun & light:
Protect your INYATI bag from direct sunlight, it is best to store it in a dust bag (cotton bag) in a closed cupboard.

Contact with water:
Our bags are water-repellent and therefore do not need to be impregnated. Should you ever get caught in a rain shower, you can simply wipe your INYATI bag dry with a microfibre cloth.
Ach and don't forget: It's easier to dance in the rain!

With light INYATI colours, discolouration can appear on your bag, e.g. if you wear jeans and the bag rubs against the jeans. So please be a little careful here.


We wish you a lot of fun with your accessories & if you have any questions please contact the INYATI crew.