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INYATI Tasche in der Farbe "greige"

The INYATI label was launched by a small, creative team from Germany and England.
Our young and motivated team works enthusiastically in our studio in the beautiful cathedral city of Speyer.
Inspired by the hip fashion scene in London, a brand was created that reflects the spirit of the moment. Fashion that is based on current trends, always highly stylish, but still wearable and, above all, affordable.

INYATI embodies stylish, urban women who want to conquer the world. The lifestyle brand INYATI, which aims to transform the latest fashion trends into wearable accessories, offers the right styles for every occasion. Sometimes cool and edgy, sometimes playful, but also classy and chic.

Vegane Umhängetasche in der Farbe cognacWhat makes our premium bags special?

Important points for us are that all our products ANIMAL FRIENDLY are and are of outstanding quality feature! That's why all our vegan premium products are made by our own specially trained employees. They all go through a 6-month training program in addition to their many years of professional experience. From this program we select only the best, which then ensure our INYATI premium quality. The craftsmanship combined with our tools such as Adler sewing machines, which ensure very precise manufacture, and our good working conditions make our treasures something special.
When selecting our materials to manufacture our designer bags, we only use the highest quality premium polyurethane, which is produced on a water basis, is not of animal origin and is fully recyclable.
INYATI bags not only flatter our hands with their extremely soft feel, they are also robust and particularly tear-resistant. In addition, our premium polyurethane is very easy to care for and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
We have also paid special attention to our metal accessories. These are alloyed several times, so that our bags appear in full brilliance even after being worn for a long time. Quality management is also a pillar in addition to the attributes already mentioned. We control every manufactured part very meticulously, the top priority for us is outstanding quality. Any part that does not meet our high standards is sorted out.
INYATI Tasche in der Farbe "butter".


Sustainability is a point that we take very seriously, we will be expanding our product range in the future, with a special focus on Made in Portugal. We pay particular attention to ecological and social production, taking into account fair working conditions. Our timeless designs do the rest, so that you can wear our styles for a long time, according to the motto - LESS IS MORE!
We INYATI`s work in a family environment with heart and soul on our brand and want to make our customers and friends happy with it. Due to the high-quality materials and luxurious workmanship, each bag also has a long service life. INYATI also means looking good and feeling good at the same time!