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Article: Which Colour Am I?

Welche Farbe bin Ich?

Which Colour Am I?

Which colour am I?

You probably know the feeling: you feel great, you've treated yourself to a new piece and put it on straight away - full of pride you go to ladies' night, but then this: ""Oh, you look pale today?"", ""Tell me, are you not feeling well?"", ""Your skin looks so pale?"". Unpleasant! We'll tell you what the problem is: You have simply chosen the wrong colour! Knowing exactly which colours suit you and flatter you makes shopping so much easier. Mega side effect: You don't get those unnecessary comments anymore, you look and feel more confident at the same time!

Cool, isn't it?

With this guide you can easily find out which colour type you are and find the most important facts about colour types.

No. 1
Spring is here 🌷
The skin tone of the spring type is a cream, peach or golden colour, looks fresh and is more sensitive to the sun than other skin tones and tans rather heavily. The spring type also tends to have small freckles. The hair colour of the spring type is usually honey-coloured, golden blond or goes up to reddish or medium and dark brown. Eye colour can range from blue, turquoise and amber to golden green or yellowish brown.

Do these points apply to you?

Oh yes! You are a spring type.

Your perfect colours are therefore warm tones that are bright and fresh and have a yellow undertone. The colours can be: tomato red, rust red, coral, apricot, salmon, peach, orange, vanilla, camel, sunshine yellow, lilac, cream white, beige, nude, champagne, ivory, lime green, apple green, light turquoise, sage green. These colours should be used with caution: Blue and black. For jewellery, you should tend towards gold or bronze.

Your INYATI colours would be: Pastel Coral, Lemon Sorbet, Vanilla Yellow, Coconut Milk, Beige, Camel, Desert Sage, Latte, Gold Tones, Bronze Metallic our 18kt gold plated jewellery.

No. 3

Hello Autumn 🍂
The skin tone of the autumn type is a light and rosy skin tone has a beige to golden shimmer in the skin. An ivory tone as well as freckles are often seen. Eye colour is usually brown, olive or a warm blue-green. The hair colour of the autumn type is usually light to dark brown, or honey blonde and red.

Do these points apply to you? Congratulations you are an autumn type.

Your perfect colours are similar to the autumn type warm, earthy and muted colours with a touch of yellow.

The colours can be: Browns, rust, orange, mustard yellow, olive, dark green, khaki, petrol, aubergine, warm white, eggshells or brass tones.

These colours should be used with caution: Garish colours like yellow and pink. When it comes to jewellery, you should tend towards gold.

Your INYATI colours include: Rust, Dark Olive, Coconut Milk, Plum, Chocolate, Burnt Sienna, Dark Ocean, Camel, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Khaki, Desert Sage, Simply Taupe, Rose Metallic, Brandy Brown and our 18kt gold-plated jewellery.

No. 4
It's Winter Baby ❄️
The skin colour of the winter type tends to be olive, but there is also the Snow White type with light porcelain-like skin that rarely turns brown. The eye colour is usually dark, but grey-blue or ice-blue also occur. The hair colour of the winter type is dark brown to black, but actually a light blond or platinum blond is also possible.

Do these points apply to you? Welcome winter type!
Your perfect colours are clear, bright and icy colours with pink-blue undertones.
You can wear hard white or deep black, otherwise your colours are: cool or bright red, pink, turquoise, royal blue, ice blue, plum, purple, canary yellow, anthracite tones.
You should be careful with this colour: orange.
When it comes to jewellery, you should tend towards silver.

Your INYATI colours are for example: Raspberry, Black, White, Airy Blue, Plum, Light Grey, Rose, Sunflower, Lavender, Baby Blue, Linnen Grey, Mid Grey, Camel and our silver jewellery.
No. 5
Come as you are! 🎊
Type 1,2,3 or 4 no matter how we find you great! We are of course happy if we could help you to find your colours with this guide! Nothing stands in the way of your next shopping marathon...

Our tip for you:
Choose accessories that match and harmonise with your hair colour, eye colour or skin colour.
Please don't get too hung up on the colour recommendations - the most important thing for us is that you simply feel comfortable and like yourself!

Come as you are! ❤️

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