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The holiday season starts and we pack our bags.

But in addition to our summer outfits, we also need the right accessories for these looks! In addition to sunglasses and jewelry, choosing the right bags is very important. After all, you should take part in all the activities and include all your essentials for the day.

Here are our TOP 5 bags, which should not be missing on your trip:

  1. Backpack: Whether for a city trip, beach vacation or hiking holiday, a backpack is always the right companion. The beautiful and functional backpacks have enough space for all the utensils you need for a trip, or offer enough storage space for spontaneous shopping. You always have your hands free and you can take the most beautiful holiday photos at any time.
  2. Shopper: Before you start a trip, you will of course need a lot of travel utensils; Passport, snacks, headphones, drinking bottle, skin-care and a jacket. Everything has to be well organized and should be at hand quickly. A large shopper with many interior compartments is ideal here. Easy to pick up or hang around with a crossbody strap, you are ready-to-go.
  3. Crossbody-Bag: You are well equipped with a crossbody bag for a stroll through the small alleys of your holiday destination, or for a trip to the nearest museum. She wears all of your essentials and always refines your look! The additional point is also here, you have your hands free for browsing through shops or a café-to-go.
  4. Phone Bag: Less is more, which is why we simply have mini-bags that can stow your cell phone and some money and that is not only practical, but also stylish! Sometimes you don't need more than cell phone and money, for quick shopping in the supermarket or a visit to the beach bar, perfect for always having the most important things by your side without having to carry a whole bag.
  5. Shoulder bag: The latest it-bag accompanies you to a classy dinner in the evening or a cocktail at the bar. A highlight of your outfits and an absolute statement. Choose this bag in the latest trend colors and trends hapes! This bag peppers any outfit, no matter how simple, and turns you into a fashionista. These bags promise fun!

We wish you a lot of fun packing your suitcase and hope we could give you these tips under the
Arms grab.
Enjoy your holiday and like to tag us on Instagram with your summer bag
@ Inyati_official =) =)

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