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Would you like a touch of good humour? We're right behind you, because we all know how hard the current times can be on our minds. That's why we say: Get out in the daylight, wait and see, drink tea, chakra yoga, exercise, healthy eating and much more....

Here are some cool INYATI ME TIME tips to get the very best out of any bad situation.


We could, of course, explain to you in detail in this article what ME Time actually means. However, in our opinion, that would not be right. ME Time might mean something completely different to you than it does to your girlfriend, mother or sister. What we can do, however, is give you personal, helpful tips and inspiration on how to put yourself in a positive mood, motivate yourself, how to make the best of difficult situations and spend more time with yourself. Because one thing is clear: we always need time for ourselves to regularly refill our batteries. How we fill this time in detail, however, is up to us.


Did I just read healthy eating? YES, you did! But don't worry... we're not going to give you diet tips and tell you how to eat right. What is proper nutrition anyway? BALANCE is the keyword. Because, nutrition should do one thing above all: We want to feel good! And that doesn't just mean a berry smoothie in the morning and a delicious avocado bowl in the evening, but also a plate of pasta and a burger and above all CHOCOLATE and/or other sweets for in between is simply balm for our soul. We should always remain mindful, but listen to our cravings now and then and treat ourselves to what we like. Because "healthy" eating also means meeting up with our best friends or family, enjoying good food and having a good time together.


Grüner Smoothie mit roten Beeren


Come as you are and we mean it! Some like a little more make-up and colourful clothes, others love simplicity in their wardrobe and natural "no make-up" make-up. Come as you are does not mean that we all go out in public without make-up and clothes. Come as you are means show yourself with your style and your facets that make up you personally. Because we are all unique and have different personalities and that's a good thing! Of course, we are also allowed to reinvent ourselves again and again and try out things that we didn't dare to do before.

Your INYATI BAG underlines your personal style and adapts to your individual wardrobe. Try bag colours that you never thought would suit your style. INITA in winterpeach the PATTIE in darkberry  or our beloved SAIRA in lemonsorbet for example. WOW, what a fresh upgrade!

Frau föhnt ihre Haare nach rechts


We can already hear your inner pig dog... we know. This topic of "sport" is a thing in itself. BUT, trust us, once you start, you will not only feel better shortly after the exercise session, but also after a longer period of time. Because your body feeling will improve from time to time and your endorphins will be bursting with happiness. What should not be neglected, however, is the matter of relaxation. After all, what could be better than calming down after a sweaty sports session, taking a hot shower and putting your feet up? Then a strong, soft-smelling treatment for your hair, your favourite skincare products for your face, body and lips and, if necessary, a thorough manicure and pedicure to make you feel good. And if the bed is also freshly made... but what are we talking about here, you know the feeling!  




Sitting in your favourite coffee outside in the warm sun, filling up on vitamin D, with a coffee of your choice or a tea? YES, a resounding YES! And the good thing is, the days are getting longer and we are so ready! Because let's face it... watching people walk by on the street is definitely better than watching TV and it's definitely more interesting. Because here we see pure life, no actors, people as they are, with their own personality in life. All of a sudden, 'I go to my favourite café' becomes a real highlight and maybe a new hobby? - we wouldn't deny it in any case!


Kaffee und ein Buch

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